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There are many forms of protective trusts. They are set up for a variety of reasons and can be very flexible to obtain the desired result. These trusts give you the peace of mind to know that your hard earned assets are going to your beneficiaries the way you desire. Protective trusts can be used to make sure a drug dependent heir does not transfer your assets to a drug dealer. They can also provide creditor protection so that your beneficiary receives your assets, not their ex-spouse, a lawsuit plaintiff, or some other creditor.   Another advantage of establishing a protective trust is that you can control when assets are distributed. You can decide if a child will receive their entire inheritance at age 18, at certain intervals, or upon meeting certain conditions. You can allow for the payment of college or a house, but not a sports car. You can incentivize work by matching every earned dollar with an inheritance dollar.

You can get quite creative with protective trusts. They can help you provide for your beneficiaries but at the same time give you control so that any potential concern you may have is addressed.

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