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A powers of attorney can help in many ways. These are important to consider now, so that if something happens to you and you are unable to act on your own, a designated and trusted individual can act on your behalf. Powers of attorney can cover a wide range of areas, can be short or long term, and can be as specific or general as you wish.

A durable health care power of attorney gives you the ability to empower someone you trust to make decisions relating to your health. If you are incapacitated for some reason, an individual with health care power of attorney can properly instruct medical providers how to proceed in your treatment. Without this designation, Ohio state law will determine who will make decisions on your behalf.

Living Wills are another way to ensure your wishes are met if you are unable to give informed consent regarding medical treatment on your own. These are often used to instruct medical care providers on how to proceed if life-saving techniques may be necessary. These instructions should be specifically determined by you now.  Without a living will, the decisions are often left to your loved ones and can be very traumatizing, especially if they do not all agree on a course of treatment. A living will eliminates the stress and potential conflict involved in making these decisions. Just as important, the living will puts you in control because it makes clear how you want to be treated.

A financial Power of Attorney can allow someone to help you manage your finances. They can be as specific or general as you wish. You can authorize someone to simply write checks to pay your bills, or give the complete authority to “step in your shoes” and enter into any financial transaction that you are able to legally enter.

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